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BioAboutHi! I’m Theresa, a trained photographer from southern Germany and I live halfway between Heidelberg and Karlsruhe. Already with 12 years, I got my first SLR. From the moment on when the first picture in the developer took shape, it had happened to me. Since then photography is part of my life. Directly after school I did my training as a photographer in a prestigious portrait studio and graduated from one of the year’s best. Since 2012 I am self-employed and living my dream – as a wedding photographer, I cover the most happiest day of peoples life on their wedding day and hold  this day for eternity.

Above all, I work in southern Germany, Austria, France and Switzerland, you can book me in Germany and abroad for your big day, because one of my favorite hobbies is traveling (preferably to Scandinavia). In addition, I love baking. Cupcakes, cakes, cakepos and co. regularly find the way from my kitchen directly to my friends and family. I am an absolute family person, my family is to me the most important thing in life. Extensive barbecues and family celebrations are constantly with us. With my mother, I walk through flea markets and second-hand dealers looking for new, unique pieces for our home. I love old things with history and to give them a new life. So, our facility at home is to 50 percent out of flea market finds.

I love stories! Even as a child I had a weakness for sentimental stories. My grandmother had to constantly come up with new tales to make the little Theresa happy. If my couples tell me their  love story, it inspires me directly and I want to start right away!

Theresa Povilonis Photography includes wonderful moments in conversations and during the shoot with my clients. This includes the professional technology and the desire for new trends and inspirations. The happiness in the faces when my clients look at their pictures for the first time, that’s what drives me. I love to capture memories in my pictures and the story of the people to tell with my photography.

I look forward to you and your story!

xoxo Theresa

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